How do I participate in Halsbrook On Approval?

You can use Halsbrook On Approval if you have already received an invitation. If you would like an invitation, please sign up. We will send you an invitation via email when space is available.

How many times can I use Halsbrook On Approval?

You are welcome to use the service as often as you’d like. But, we can only process an order after we have confirmed your purchases/returns from your previous order.

What is the difference between Halsbrook On Approval and regular Halsbrook shopping?

With Halsbrook On Approval, you will have the benefit of only paying for what you decide to keep. You will also have a shortened window of 7 days from the receipt of your package to try your items and return (post-marked) anything you don’t wish to keep.

Do I choose my selections?

Yes! We hope you use Halsbrook On Approval to explore new designers or try different items to 'complete a look'.

What if I need assistance choosing items for my order?

We are always happy to provide styling suggestions. Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-855-448-2332.

Are there any restrictions on what I can order through Halsbrook On Approval?

All full-priced items are eligible for Halsbrook On Approval. Sale items are excluded. Each order is limited to a maximum of 3 items.

Is this a subscription? Will I have to cancel the service?

Halsbrook On Approval is not a subscription service. There are no monthly fees associated with the service. Since it is not a subscription, there is no need to cancel.

Are there any fees to use the Halsbrook On Approval service?

There are no fees to use this service. Your credit card will only be charged for the items you decide to keep. Shipping on all orders and returns is free. We do ask that your returned items be new, unused and with all the original Halsbrook and designer garment tags still attached. Also, items must be returned in their original Halsbrook packaging. Returns that are damaged, altered or worn will not be accepted and will be charged.

I placed an order with Halsbrook On Approval, but my credit card was charged. Why?

We temporarily charge your credit card for $1 per item (to verify the credit card). It will then be refunded, and a separate charge will be made for any items you decide to keep. If you decide to return all the items in your order, then the $1 per item charge will simply be refunded once we’ve confirmed receipt of your returned items.

Can I use a discount code with my Halsbrook On Approval order?

You will need to use the Halsbrook on Approval code to place your order. But, no other coupon codes can be used.

Can I use ShopRunner 2-day shipping with my Halsbrook On Approval order?

Shoprunner 2-day shipping cannot be used with Halsbrook On Approval. Orders will be shipped via FedEx Ground (unless you choose to pay for Rush shipping).

When do you charge me for the items I choose to keep?

Once you receive your package, you will have 7 days to try on your new items and return (post-marked) any items you don’t wish to keep. When we receive your returns, we will charge you for the items you’ve decided to keep. You will always receive an email from us confirming any charges to your credit card.

What does 7-days mean?

We start counting the 7-days once FedEx lets us know that your package has been delivered to you. We request that you post-mark any returns you may have within 7 days of receiving your package. If you are planning to keep all of your items, we will charge your card 14 days after you receive your package. If you are returning items, we will charge your card only for the items that are not sent back to us.

What happens if I’m unable to try on and return my items within the 7-day limit?

Please contact customer care: [email protected] or 1-855-448-2332, and we will work out a solution for you.

How do I return the items I don’t wish to keep?

Please place your return items, with all original Halsbrook and designer garment tags and packaging, back in the box and remember to include the return form. Attach the FedEx return label to the outside of the box. Drop off your package at your local FedEx facility ( or schedule a pickup with FedEx by calling 1-800-463-3339.